Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I'm beginning to think that President Bush is in the same position as Wylie Coyote when he runs off a cliff--he hangs in the air for a moment before plummeting to earth. Look at these poll numbers from the Washington Post:
MayJuneJuly Difference
Reelect Difference0-400
Understands People Like You-10-10-13-3
Strong Leader12104-8
Trust in a Crisis144-10

Over the last two months, the percent of people saying they would vote for Bush over Kerry has remained flat (46) and the race between the two has remained a tie. But when you look at the difference between Bush and Kerry on other measures, Bush has lost ground. For example, when asked who they trust more to handle the economy, Bush went from 5 points down to 8 points down, a decline of 3 points. On who voters trust more on the economy, Bush has lost 3 points to Kerry. On who they trust to handle Iraq, he's down 6 points, on terrorism he's down 4. On whether he understands people like you, Bush has dropped 3 points and on whether he's a strong leader, he's down 8 points. And in just the last month, Bush has lost 10 points to Kerry on whether he can be trusted in a crisis.

The question is how long Bush can stay competitive with Kerry while his underlying support drops?

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