Sunday, June 20, 2004

Coincidence?, Cont.

According to ABC News, the kidnappers of Paul Johnson:

"had help from sympathizers within the Saudi security forces, according to an account of the operation posted by the al-Qaida cell on an Islamic extremist Web site Sunday. The sympathizers gave police uniforms to the militants, who then snatched the American engineer at a fake checkpoint in the city, the posting said."

If this is true (you can't believe everything you read on Islamic extremist Web site), then it raises several possibilities:

1. The Saudi security forces are riddled with Islamic sympathizers.

2. The Saudi security forces infiltrated the Al Qaeda cell that kidnapped Johnson, perhaps even using Johnson as bait to capture or eliminate the cell. That explains why they managed to kill the cell leaders only hours after Johnson was beheaded.

3. All of the above.

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Kamajii said...

If they had Saudi help, they'd be fools to reveal it, unless they were doublecrossed by the helpers in some way and knew help wouldn't be available again.

In which case, or if they didn't have Saudi help, they'd be brilliant to claim they were helped, thereby fomenting distrust of the police in general and by Westerners specifically. Which westerner would want to stop at the next police roadblock they encountered? Which of course accrues to their overall goal of destabilizing the House of Saud.

Infiltration of the Al Qaeda cell seems like an unlikely scenario. The kidnapping was itself a crime, in fact asking for uniforms and vehicles was enough, they didn't need to wait for the beheading to bust the bad guys.