Sunday, April 04, 2004

Many thanks to Adam Nossiter of the AP for running a story based on the article I co-authored on last year's Lousiana gubernatorial election. Of course, some people took a less charitable view of our study. Here's one response that was forwarded to me:

You ever notice these "studies" are only used against whites. Where are these studies showing the racial bigotry of black voters? Let us have butt-kissing, liberal political scientists do studies on how it is that crackhead Marion Barry got elected or Al Sharpton pulled in black votes or various racist "Black Caucus" members who are elected officials of the Democrat or rather The Anti-White Party. These studies are another fraud to derail whites and make a mockery of them. These cowards who conduct such studies NEVER seem to come around to studying voting habits of hispanics or blacks. As usual, of course, you can bet the RANCH these white cowards NEVER live in black or hispanic neighborhoods in 99% of cases.

As far as the "Duke" voters go, it shows they are a force and that they vote. Personally, I would not ALWAYS vote for the white candidate. Many white candidates are the reason we are in the mess we are in. However, most non-white politicians are anti-white, anti-American, money sucking, police hating dogs. However, once in a blue moon, that is not the case.

I laugh at the GOP though. They have to play this game with David Duke where they wag the finger at him but LOVE his voters. They know quite well he has huge support in a place like Lousiana. They LOVE the fact he registered so many new Republican voters. But the Stupid Party loves to embrace minority voters who give them 10% of their vote. Maybe this is done so one day the New York Times will actually pat them on their head. They are not called the Stupid Party for nothing

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