Monday, February 16, 2004

Mickey Kaus has this to say about John Edwards:

"And am I the only one who finds Edwards' award-winning spiel--about unemployed workers with "that vacant look, 'What do I do now?'" because "this is what they have done their entire lives and they know nothing else"--a bit condescending? Are these people or sheep? I mean, most Americans these days know there is a risk of unemployment and recession as the economy stumbles forward and that they need to be prepared to switch jobs. This isn't 1955.

Well, that's easy for Kaus to say. Imagine if suddenly he were out of a job. Moreover, that all of the jobs for neo-liberal writers were being outsourced to Mexico or India for a fraction of the cost. Finally, the only available jobs were dismal, low-paying McJobs, or those requiring specialized skills or capabilities, such as the ability to run a machine tool or a strong back and callused hands, that Kaus had little hope of acquiring at his age.

I'd guess he'd have a bit of a vacant look in his eyes.

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