Sunday, November 16, 2003

Yesterday's Louisiana governor's race was closely watched if for no other reason than the Republicans nominated a non-white candidate, Indian-American Bobby Jindal. Despite running somewhat better among blacks than most Republicans, Jindal still lost the election mostly because his Democratic opponent, Kathleen Blanco, ran particularly well among whites, even in some of the most rural and conservative parts of the state. How much of a role did white racism play in white voting behavior? In counties where David Duke ran below his statewide average (39%) in the 1991 governor's race, Blanco only averaged 2 percentage points better than Democrat Mary Landrieu in last year's US Senate run-off. In counties where Duke did better than average, Blanco ran 7 points better than Landrieu. Finally, in counties won by Duke, Blanco did 11 points better than Landrieu.

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