Saturday, November 06, 2004


I'm as upset as anybody on this blog (except for Pitney--Jack, we still await a long, gloating, analytical post!). But on at least a few dimensions, I think people need to chill. I do think that the gay marriage issue hurt the Democrats, but I disagree that this represents some kind of massive swing in anti-gay bigotry. The fact is that toleration of homosexuals increases, inexorably, every year. Americans are increasingly trying to figure out how to reconcile these increasingly tolerant attitudes toward gays with their inherited values of family, marriage, etc. This is a battle that advocates of gay marriage (like me) will, ultimately, win--at least in the majority of states of the Union. Opponents of abortion know that the way you win battles on contested moral issues like this is little bit by little bit--holding fast to the larger idea, and taking small victories along the way that make the next step easier. Proponents of gay marriage need to learn something similar. It would be especially heartening to work on a single state legislature and get them to approve gay marriage by legislation, without any pressure from a court. That would defang the claim that this is all a conspiracy by "activist judges."

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