Friday, October 01, 2004

Response to Who Won

Dorian Warren neglected one category in his set of criteria: projection of character. Last night Bush continued to give the sense that he was a president who could make tough decisions and he would not flinch against terrorists. This is really his strong suit. Viewers probably responded well to his argument that a president can’t send “mixed messages” to the enemy or our own troops. I don’t think Kerry lost points on character – indeed, I think he gained stature from last night. He lines were punchy and he stated his opinion with a decisiveness that could convince some voters he doesn't deserve the tag of flip-flopper. Nevertheless, character remains Bush’s strong card, and Kerry did little to demonstrate to Americans that Bush is being stupidly stubborn in Iraq rather than steadfast. Overall, both candidates performed well last night, so I don’t see how this debate changes the dynamic of the race so far. Kerry’s good performance probably boosts morale among Democratic activists, which is no small success in this kind of race.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Were we watching the same debate?

Anonymous said...

Why is it Kerry's job to demonstrate the Bush is not Presidential? The task is not even possible. Bush has been President for four years. Of course he looks Presidential -- he's the definition of the term. Voters have already decided whether or not they like the Bush administration's policies and tactics. The challenge for Kerry is to demonstrate that he is a credible and acceptable alternative. That he is someone a median voter in a swing state can trust. I think Kerry accomplished that goal.


Anonymous said...

Bush gave a sense in the debates, but it is a bit different than you state.

Read this article to see how Bush's character came across.

There is a fine line between strong and arrogant, and Bush crossed that line in the debate.

As I watched the debate (yes, I am a STRONG Kerry supporter) it was painful to see Bush repeat a soundbite, not offer much in the way of substance, state "hard work" how many times? State that he knows the reality of war because he watches it on TV?

And perhaps the most revealing "character" issue was Bush's response to Kerry's statement of how the US is NOT inspecting cargo that is coming into this country. What did Bush say? "How is he going to pay for it."

The cargo issue is one of the most pressing when it comes to our nations security, and Bush seems to not even have a clue about it.

Both candidates did not perform well in this debate. Bush failed and Kerry did well.