Sunday, October 03, 2004

A Question About the Newsweek Poll

I can't figure out the question ordering for the Newsweek poll, which may matter for how seriously we take it. If they asked what voters thought about the debate first, and then asked them who they planned on voting for, then the poll probably had a problematic priming effect. If they asked who people were planning on voting for first, then it may be a reasonable estimate of public opinion. Does anyone know what the question ordering was on this poll?


Palooka said...

Kerry cheated. Incontrovertible proof.

Now, the question is: Was it something relatively immaterial, like a pen, or something more substantial, like notecards?

Judging from the video it appears to be notecards or a folded piece of paper. Kerry's toast.

He's going to have a hard time dodging this like he dodged his Cambodia tale.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they asked the debate question last, and the horse race question came first. Considering some of the questions in between, that may mean that that the debate performance question is unreliable, but the horse race should be considered reliable.

It is the first poll though, so I do think we should wait a bit to see what Gallup et al come up with.

Anonymous said...

A notecard and pen constitute cheating? That will play REAL well with swing voters. John Kerry is unfit to command because he bothered to take notes during a Presidential debate. Palooka, your political acumen and analysis is as staggering as ever.