Friday, October 22, 2004

More baseball and politics

The presidential election is so close it allows us to speculate on far-fetched notions about the kind of events that could help pull a few voters either way. How about whether the Red Sox in the World Series will help Kerry? An article in the Boston Globe today beat me to the punch on this non-story. Basically, the argument is that the Red Sox are traditional underdogs, which may win them sympathy across the nation. The Boston players call themselves “the idiots” – a descriptive that could deflect Kerry’s persona as a Boston Brahmin and softy-liberal. Kerry’s Massachusetts looks a bit more rugged thanks to the Sox. And who cares about offending St. Louis fans anymore, now that MO is in the Bush column? I don’t expect Kerry to don the Red Sox cap much (at least since John Kennedy, politicians have studiously avoided wearing hats because they make them look silly -- recall Dukakis’ helmeted head). However, Kerry might want to wrap himself in Red Sox nation in OH or PA at appropriate moments. He just better remember the names of the players. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch and others at News Corporation (FOX Network) are beginning to regret their offer of free airtime to the presidential candidates during the baseball games (see press release


salas said...
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salas said...

It would've been something if the Astros (Bush's natural ally in this matchup, since the Rangers aren't involved) went against the BoSox. Public opinion would likely be tilted towards the Sox in that matchup since one of the big storylines would be Roger Clemens petulantly leaving Boston in the late 1990's.

Rothko said...

I'm already ancipating a Kerry campaign commercial with Neslon De LaRosa the 28 inch tall Dominican performer who has become the 2004 Red Sox Unofficial Mascot. Maybe, he could get another spot with David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez saying "Jorge Bush...Who is Your Papi?"

I like the idea that it might help him because the Sox help Boston's image nationally. However, sports tend to transcend politics. We can disagree on whether the earth rotates around the sun but we all root for the USA in the Olympics. The Sox are a distraction from the political differences between fans not a reconciliator of them.

I'm sure Mitt Romney is as big a Sox fan as Kerry and I suspect that Mitt is still voting for Dubbya. Unless Kerry gets out there and pitches for the win in game 7, I suspect he'll see no bounce from the Sox. That said...Go Sox...Let's win this one for Marty Barrett!

MWS said...

IN Washington, the latest election sports trend is that whenever the Redskins win their last home game prior to the election, the incumbent wins; when they lose, the challenger wins. So Kerry supporters who are also Redskins fans have to root for the Packers. (Easier to do since the team is 2-4).

Some silly speculation on why this might be? When the team from the Nation's Capital loses, it suggests to voters that it's time for a change. How about that?