Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debates vs Baseball

If you are a Kerry supporter, you should be disappointed tonight that more California teams aren’t in the playoffs. (Not that I would want that personally). I suspect there are more than a few Yankee fans in Florida who will be tuning into that game rather than the debate. Certainly, folks in New Hampshire will be watching the Red Sox. Astros-smastros – who cares but Texans? That’s good for Kerry. But the Cardinals probably have a loyal following in key swing areas, like Iowa. At least the Twins lost. At all costs, Kerry should not mention the Red Sox during the debate, or you will hear the sound of several million TV remotes clicking simultaneously across the nation.


Anonymous said...

Most Iowan's are Cub's fans. A few are even Twin's fans. I know my father is a loyal baseball fan who will switch back and forth. I think a lot of the country will do this.

Philip Klinkner said...

Most Iowans are Cubs fans. Not only is it the closest MLB team to eastern Iowa, there is also a Cubs farm team in Des Moines. Plus, WGN, which carries Cubs games, is on most cable TV systems in the state, so Iowans are much more likely to catch a Cubs game on TV than a Twins or a Cards game. There are outposts of Twins fans in the northern tier of the state and, a bit more so, Cards fans in the southern tier. Since the Cubs, alas, are not in the playoffs this year (gnashing of teeth here), most Iowans will be rooting for the Cards.

But as we Cubs fans say during the playoffs, "Next year in Wrigley!"