Thursday, August 05, 2004

With All Due Respect

Given that I am on this blog only at the sufferance of Mr. Polysigh, I have to take exception to his rousing defense of Iowa against the coastal elites. Some day, I'd like to grow up to be one of those coastal elites, so---watch it! Seriously, I do think that there is a point here--Iowans ARE smug about their role in the national political process (as are New Hampshire residents, but at least New Hampshire has places to ski). And that role does have serious effects on national policy outcomes, in particular skewing agricultural policy toward continued, irrational, regressive (in the sense of keeping prices up when the poor spend a disproportionate percentage of their income on food) subsidization. If Iowa is going to continue to hold the rest of the country hostage to their policy preferences through the presidential nomination process, they should at least feel guilty about it.

And as to "give me Davenport any day" someone who grew up and went to college in the DC area, I say, "better dead than white bread!"

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Anonymous said...

Here, here!
Iowans are nice people. I know quite a few. But the only reason I know them is becasue they are all exiles. New York, DC and even Clinton NY are peppered with former farm hands. They all say they love the place, well then why the hell did you all leave?

Plus - this is one east coast elitest who is horrified that following September 11th 180 Billion dollars was doled out to mid-western farmers while New York City had to beg to get a third of that amount.

Look if you can't make money farming then DON'T KEEP FARMING. I don't expect the government to subsidize my career in marketing. Only someone who is incredibly arrogant would think they deserve to be paid to keep a failing business running.

Some one like a smug Mid-western farming elite...