Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Who I Am

Hi...first post on this site. Just for full disclosure purposes, I should provide a bit of background on who I am. I'm a political scientist--that is, I probably qualify as a "discrete, insular minority" in the legal sense of the term. I'm a Democrat. Broken down further, I'm: a) quite hawkish on foreign policy; b) relatively liberal on redistributive issues; c) quite rabidly free trade and suspicious of other policy tools that distort markets (such as most tax deductions, agricultural subsidies, and command and control regulation); d) generally suspicious of the role of courts in policy disputes and; e) relatively conservative on "social control" issues (like crime and welfare reform) but fairly liberal on lifestyle issues (like gay marriage, which I'm for--if it's passed by a legislature, opposed if imposed by judicial diktat). So that's enough for you to figure out where I'm coming from.

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