Thursday, August 05, 2004

Keyes WILL Run

I am henceforth betting one large bourbon (no ice) against Mr. Polysigh that Keyes will run. He'll be able to get enough money from the conservative hard-core (who at the least want to avoid the embarassment of having Obama run unopposed) to run a semi-serious race. He'll get enormous media attention if he actually stands on the same stage as Obama, especially if he is able to draw blood. The issue of whether he wins (in the sense of getting 50.01% of the vote) is almost completely irrelevant where Keyes is concerned. This is about a combination of: a) getting a platform for his ideas, which, as far out as Mr. P believes they may be, he does sincerely hold and; b) Keyes' desire to get himself back in the conservative movement limelight, where he has been steadily dimming. If Keyes is able to get Obama to debate him, there is little doubt that he will do well. He will not win, but that's not the point. He wins by being put in the middle of what will no doubt be a nationally followed Senate campaign, and where, precisely is he now? This seems like a no-brainer.

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