Saturday, August 14, 2004

Keyes: Onward to Victory!

At this point, and in due deference to our colleague from Claremont, who is fond of martial metaphors, we have to ask what constitutes victory for the Keyes army in its battle against the forces of Obamaism. Obviously not 50.01 percent of the vote. Even Keyes, I have to believe, does not think this is in the cards. So it's pointless to make fun of him for running a race that he knows he's going to lose. As soon as Mr. Ryan dropped out, that became a highly unlikely scenario for the Illinois Republican party. One way to define victory is by figuring out what the minimum percentage of the vote Keyes could get and still hold his head high. 40 percent? In Keyes' terms, simply performing credibly in the debates, sufficiently to revive his diminished status as a pundit may be victory enough. Perhaps Fox will put him on a program entitled, "Alan Keyes Is Not Medicated." More seriously, I'd say victory is simply scuffing Obama up, preventing him from coming across as all things to all people. The problem with this is that, given Keyes' ideological stridency, his presence in the race makes it EASIER for Obama to come across as a moderate. So, the question for all the skilled Keyes-watchers out there is simple: what constitutes victory? We'll post credible answers.

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