Monday, August 30, 2004

Going After Moore

McCain made a terrible mistake taking a crack at Michael Moore. The Republicans are trying to put the emphasis on the more moderate folks on the podium, not on the hardcore folks on the floor. But the signal moment everyone will be talking about tomorrow is thousands of conventioneers baying at Michael Moore, with Moore yucking it up. McCain looked incredibly uncomfortable playing this unfamiliar role, whipping up the partisan ire of the crowd. He's more in his zone when he "speaks uncomfortable truths," rather than telling the crowd what they want to hear. Unfortunately, this will overshadow his very strong ending, his "never surrender" call to arms. It will also overshadow his compelling argument that the pre-war status quo in Iraq was unstable, that it was unravelling and the choice was really between war and some sort of re-normalized relationship with Iraq. This is THE best argument for invading Iraq, not WMD, and not human rights. It's one that the Republicans, if they're smart, will emphasize in every speech at the convention.

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Palooka said...

Any publicity for Moore is not a good thing per se. But having media darling McCain bash Moore isn't exactly a bad thing for the American people to see.

Compelling argument? No WMD or WMD really doesn't make a difference. Saddam had the capability, the motive, and the connections to terrorists to justify removing him from power. End of story. He was target number one.

I am not sure what your incoherent "unravelling" argument is. Because that argument, if compelling, again relates back to WMD and WMD capability. If an unstable Iraq was unacceptable, then why was it unacceptable? Because the world believed WMD stockpiles were present, and/or he the Saddam regime had WMD capability. So, dispite your petty dismissal of the WMD rational, your "compelling" rational is left without force without a WMD corrollary. Unless you think America should invade countries on a regular basis if we think they're going to "unravel."