Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Finding Theresa A Job

I agree with Richard that Theresa (hencefoth THK) is well on her way to becoming a serious drag on the campaign. This is clearly a case where a personal virtue (John Kerry's obvious adoration for his wife) is a public vice (since it seems to make it hard for him to do the usual political calculations that explain why he's the nominee). There's no question that, at least in her public persona, THK come across as batty and eccentric. Her speech to the convention exhibited the sort of self-absorption only possible among an extraordinarily wealthy person. If there is anyone in the campaign who has the status with Kerry to tell him so, that person must immediately instruct him to pull the plug on THK--not so much because of any damage she'll cause, but because of the media space that she takes up that could be occupied by someone more on-message. I'm concerned that there is no one who can say this to Kerry and force him to take the matter seriously, and this is a problem long-term, if he becomes president.

On the other hand, my guess is that THK is quite popular with many of the party's core constituencies--as Richard notes. I think it would be quite valuable to send her to (closed!) meetings of Hollywood, NY liberal and gay activists with deep pockets. But for godsakes, get her off TV!

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