Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I think there's a good argument that the latest campaign finance act was unconstitutional, and an almost uncontrovertable argument that it's lousy public policy. I'm increasingly convinced by the libertarian argument that we ought to scrap all the controls on spending and contributions and go to a straight disclosure regime.

That said, the law's the law, even if it's stupid and counter-productive. And when you've got the campaign's chief outside counsel also advising a 527, it raises the question--if this isn't coordination, WHAT IS? Do we have to have videotape of George Bush personally asking one of these swift boat guys to "nail Kerry"?


Anonymous said...

An attorney is an agent, not a principal. Sharing principals among the campaign and a 527 would almost certainly indicate coordination. Sharing agents does not. After all, if the Kerry campaign uses the same caterer as MoveOn, no one would believe that meant that Kerry and MoveOn were coordinating. What's different about a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Of course, several pro-Kerry 527s have equivalent ties. One of the Kerry campaign's lawyers works for an anti-Bush 527, as does one of the co-chairs of the Democratic convention, as does a member of the Democratic National Committee. For good or ill, "coordination" is defined quite rigidly.